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ACTIVE PROJECT: We at New Concepts Fund, Inc. strongly believe in the importance of charitable gift giving. We support community based fundaising -- that is raising money community by community, town by town, city by city and keeping money raised in that  community! To this end, we are traveling to different communities in Massachusetts standing in front of supermarkets and post offices with our collection jar.  One of our projects is called: "We Can Feed Those in Need." With monies collected we buy gift cards from  supermarkets and drug stores in the community that we fundraise and donate those gift cards to the local hospice program, senior center and/or visiting nurse association in that  community. 


We plan to do this community based fundraising on a nation-wide basis.


Importantly:  New Concepts Fund, Inc. sees community based fundraising as a viable alternative to commercial fundraising where,  too often, the majority of monies raised is kept by the professional fundraiser and is not used on the local/community level.  


ACTIVE PROJECT: We at New Concepts Fund, Inc., have learned, first as telephone fundraisers when soliciting senior citizens for donations, and then as NCF representatives presenting our educational/research material at senior centers, that many senior citizens are solicited for charitable donations over the telephone.  Senior citizens are often home and available for telephone solicitations -- day, evening, and weekends. We heard first hand, as former telephone fundraisers, their passion and love for animals, children and the environment.


It is our concern that these good folks are the target of unethical practices in the Fundraising Industry. Seniors, for instance, are very often unaware that fundraising companies pocket a large percentage of their donations and that the charity retains very little.


It is our goal to educate senior citizens on the ins and outs of the fundraising business in order to protect seniors from victimization, and so that they will make wise gift giving choices as educated consumers. A critical NCF project is the informing, educating and mobilization of seniors.  Currently, our visits have been to senior centers in Massachusetts, but we are looking to expand our visits to other states.  



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