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New Concepts Fund, Inc. launches its Community Fundraising Campaign: We Can Feed Those in Need!






Dear Friends:


We are on the same page.  We are in this together.  You care about Charities -- and so do we.  That is why you are visiting this webpage -- !


The sad truth of the matter, when you say yes to a telephone solicitation the bulk of that generous gift, often times, does not go the Charity that you care about, and to which you pledge your support. Rather, much of your donation goes to the Professional Fundraising Company ("Vendor"). Too often, a donor is lucky if 25% of his or her gift goes to the Charity. Sometimes, unbelievably, the Charity winds up owing the Vendor money at the end of the telefundraising campaign. Plain and simple:  this is wrong, wrong, wrong.


We, at New Concepts Fund, Inc., also feel that many Donors are intentionally kept in the dark (to put it nicely) by the Vendor (and/or Charity) as to the amounts of donation kept by the Vendor and that retained by the Charity.  Call it deceptive business practice or even fraud, many States have held that Consumer Protection laws have been violated by some (make it a large sum) of those in the Telefundraising Industry -- and so do we.  Of course, this, too, is wrong, very wrong.


By this: You are told such deceptions as: "100% of the money raised goes to the Charity," or "not less than 12% of monies raised go to the Charity." THE FACT:  while the donations are sent directly to the Charity (in those cases in which they are) the Charity must pay costs to the Vendor -- lots of cost -- for conducting the Campaign (one Massachusetts based Vendor even charges the Charity for the costs of its furniture/equipment). THE FACT:  and as for the "not less than 12% of monies raised go to the Charity", what this really boils down to: not MORE than 12% of monies raised goes to the Charity.


For at least the past 25 years, the Telefundraising Industry has taken over OUR Charities.  The Industry has entered into contracts with OUR Charities which allow for these deceptive practices, including the theft of our money -- certainly, none of us would knowingly agree to pay any Vendor 88 cents of the donated dollar.  In doing so, the Industry robs OUR Charities and us  of OUR Charities.  How many more hungry children would be fed, how many fewer women would be abused, how many fewer prisoners would be tortured, how many more animals would be helped, etc., etc., etc....if our donated dollar (or at least 50% of our donated dollar) went to OUR Charities and not to the Industry.


The POWER to  take back OUR Charities and to put the Industry in its place, starts with us.  Let's not let the buck stop in the fundraising vendors' pockets.  Together -- and only together (the Industry is huge) can we expose the Industry for the money hungry monster that it is (indeed, the Industry seems more concerned about its own hunger than that of hungry children and animals), and protect OUR Charities.  It is our belief that we are a Nation of Donors -- please join us.  We need you.


Yours in Friendship,


Pearl Cohen

President, New Concepts Fund, Inc.





MAY 15, 2012 -- BOSTON -- Today, New Concepts Fund, Inc. filed papers (Articles of Amendment) with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office, Division of Corporation, amending our Articles of Organization to embrace a key focus:


     In addition to protecting, educating, informing and mobilizing donors to charitable organizations with regards to fundraising practices and laws, NCF will focus on:



1.) improving the quality of life of donors to charitable organizations through the raising of funds and the offering of financial support to programs, groups and agencies that benefit donors, and



2.) implementing  innovative alternative methods to for-profit fundraising that will return fundraising to the community as well as keep more more of the money raised in the community.



This will include community-based fundraising, over for-profit fundraising, with donations raised in the community to be used in the community. 


The objective is for all programs to be implemented on the local, state and national level.



NCF's first fundraising project will be to raise money for senior centers.





Have you ever wondered how much of your donation you made over the phone actually went to the fundraising company that called you ?   Would you believe it may be 60%? Or 70%,  or 80%, or even 90%?


You receive a phone call while you are at home, or at work, or on your cell phone from someone who may or may not use their full name, who may or may not tell you they are a paid solicitor working for a for-profit fundraising company, who may or may not give the full address of the charity they are calling for, and who may or may not explicitly state that the phone call is being recorded.


Many, if not most states, require all the highlighted information above be stated clearly before any solicitation is made.  Otherwise, the caller and the company s/he works for are not complying with state laws governing charitable solicitation . 


The caller quickly moves on, using a well devised script, to talk about the great need the charity s/he is calling for, and asking if you could help with a $100 pledge.  You say you cannot afford that since you lost your job six months ago, or your spouse just lost her or his job and you are struggling right now or, other reasonable reasons why you cannot pledge. 


The caller moves on to say that s/he has spoken to many other donors in similar situations and that s/he understands.  Then a second appeal is made for $50, and again you say no.  Finally, after a long string of reasons why your donation is so critical, you, being a good person, relent and pledge $25.


Then you ask a critical question“How much of my donation actually goes to the charity?"   And the caller says -100% goes directly to the charity.  While this is technically correct, that is, the charity cashes your check or has their credit card company process your credit card pledge – but that is not what you really want to know.  On our web site, you will find just how much of your donation actually ends up with your favorite charity.  We will have a blog space to invite you to share your telephone solicitation stories.  We will update the information we have on various fundraising companies, the fines they pay to states, questions you might ask those solicitors on the phone to get the answers you need, how to file complaints on harassing phone calls, and other ways you can help.  Oversight agencies in all states, are understaffed and need our help.  We can help if we work together.


We, at New Concepts Fund, Inc. , want to inform you , the donor, on where your donation actually goes.  Please join us so together we can make vital changes in the way funds are raised for the charities we love.  After all, you are the sovereign power in this process.  It is your money that fuels the fundraising industry, and you can make a difference. 


Join us as we create greater transparency in the charitable giving and solicitation process. Help us inform your State Attorney General in policing these fundraising companies, so that you are better protected in your charitable giving practices.  Both you and your favorite charity or charities want the same result - more of your donation dollar being used to work towards the greater public good we all want.





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