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New Concepts Fund's three founders (Pearl, Brian and Char)  were all telefundraisers.  Pearl and Brian worked for the Share Group,Inc.,  Char worked for Outreach Associates, Inc.,  d/b/a Direct Advantage Marketing, Inc. -- both companies were sister companies of the parent company Integrated Fundraising and Marketing Solutions (IFMS). Both sister companies are no longer in operation.


While fundraisers, the three of us, came to learn of serious wrongdoings on the corporate level. We reported these wrongdoings to state officials and to the media. 


There are two concepts to keep in mind in reading what follows: First, there are 14 states which mandate that a telefundraiser register in that state before he/she can do any solicitation in that state (AL, AR, GA, IL, KS, KY, MI, MO, MS, NJ, ORK, RI, SC).  Second, in a number of states, a person convicted of a felony and certain misdemeanors of dishonesty are prohibited from solicting donations (such as PA) in that state.



On or about July, 17, 2006, Pearl had contacted the state of New York to report that the Share Group has many unregistered telefundraisers calling into the state of New York.  This resulted in NY issuing a $25,000 fine against the Share Group.


A copy of that case is directly below in a pdf.   Two more matters will follow after this pdf. (IMPORTANT:  TO BEST READ SCANNED DOCUMENTS BELOW, PLEASE CLICK LAST BUTTON ON THE TOP OF THE PDF TO EXPAND COPY TO FULL SCREEN.)

During August 2006, Pearl contacted the state of South Carolina, reporting that there were many unregistered telefundraisers calling into the state of South Carolina, both from the Share Group and from its sister company, Outreach Associates, d/b/a Direct Advantage Marketing.  This resulted in a Notice  of Adminstrative Fine, dated December 15, 2009, and a finding in the amount of a $115,000 fine against the Share Group on February 15, 2011.  Please see pdf below.

Then, during the year, 2008, Pearl, Brian and Char began reporting to the state of PA and other states that Outreach Associates was hiring felons and persons convicted of misdemeanors involving dishonesty to make fundraising calls -- in violaltion of PA and KY law, to name a few of the states prohibiting such fundraisers. During the fall of 2009, Pearl contacted the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and informed reporter Jonathan Silver of the employment of these felons and those convicted of crimes of dishonesty.



A series of three newspaper articles reulted.  The state of PA commenced legal action against Outreach Associates, including with the issuance of an Investigative Subpoena.  This Subpoena and relative pages of the legal action is in the pdf below.  On February 15, 2011, the state of PA barred Outreach Associates from ever again calling into the state of PA, as well as issuing a large fine.  Outreach Associates, since closed, was a PA located company.  Below please find a pdf of the PA judgment.


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